Your Vehicle Registration Notice is Changing!

The North Carolina General Assembly passed a new law to create a combined motor vehicle registration renewal and property tax collection system. In doing so, the new law transfers the responsibility for motor vehicle tax collection from the 100 counties across North Carolina to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How Does The New Legislation Change Things?

Currently, vehicle registration and taxes are processed separately. First you receive notice and pay your vehicle registration. Then three months later, you receive notice and pay your vehicle tax. This occurs separately because the counties are responsible for managing vehicle taxes, and the DMV is responsible for managing vehicle registration.

For the next renewal of this vehicle, the DMV will send a new combined notice that includes the vehicle registration and the vehicle tax, and they will be due at the same time.


For more information about this change, please contact the Yancey County Tax Office/Connie Buchanan at 828-682-1814, or visit our website at


Read the HB 1779 Brochure with more details about the changes


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